Make Beautiful Things With Your Own Hands.
DIY decor tools to inspire your creative soul.

Whether you want to breath fresh style into your life or you are looking for creative ways to transform your home, Iron Orchid is all about helping people express themselves with their brilliantly designed tools and products.

The name "Iron Orchid" is symbolic of the essence of a woman, with the strength of Iron and the delicate vulnerability of an Orchid, The IOD sisters believe women are uniquely created to create uniquely and they aim to inspire, empower and encourage them to do just that.

Floral Swag Stamp
Floral Swag Stamp Sold Out
Knob Toppers Stamp
Knob Toppers Stamp Sold Out
Painterly Roses Stamp
Painterly Roses Stamp Sold Out
Butterflies Stamp
Butterflies Stamp Sold Out
Fronds Decor Stamp
Fronds Decor Stamp $34.00
Lady of Shallots Stamp
Lady of Shallots Stamp Sold Out
Pavo Stamp
Pavo Stamp Sold Out
He Loves Me Mould
He Loves Me Mould Sold Out
Bird Song Mould
Bird Song Mould Sold Out
Acanthus Scroll Mould
Acanthus Scroll Mould Sold Out
Bohemia Stamp
Bohemia Stamp $28.00
Label Ephermera
Label Ephermera Sold Out