DIY Seashore Bottle Lamp🐚

Hayley Harder | 31 August, 2022

            DIY Seashore Bottle Lamp🐚

 This used “Bombay Saphire” Gin bottle reminded me of sea glass with its lovely blue color, so I just knew a I had to turn it into something beach related!🐚

I wanted to do one more project this month for summer that was beach themed, so this turned out perfect.  
One of the new Mould releases from Iron Orchid Designs - “Olive Crest” - was perfect for this as it kind of reminded me of the look of seaweed!  All the moulds are by Iron Orchid Designs, and the paints and finishes by DIY Paint. You’ll find all of those supplies in the Boutique under DIY Supplies!

I also found an awesome set of shimmery Mica Powders on Amazon that I love to use in a lot of my projects so I have put the link below, as well as a link to the battery operated lights I used.

My favorite part of this is the little beach scene inside the bottle… I made my own little distressed “message in a bottle” to place inside, along with some sand and small shells/stones/dried starfish from the beach. And of course the lights inside really bring it to life.

This would make a really awesome and unique gift for a beach lover and even as a gift to yourself to remember a special day from the beach and some treasures you collected there during the summer.

Have fun creating!!🐚🌊🦀🪸



Materials used:

  • "Bombay Saphire" gin bottle
  • Olive Crest Mould (by Iron Orchid Designs)
  • Sea Shells Mould (by Iron Orchid Designs)
  • Air Dry Clay
  • DIY Paints in "Monet's Garden", "Salty Kiss", "Tarnished Pearl", "Sandy Blond" ("Summer Crush" & "Petticoat Pink" used for accenting shells & seahorse)
  • DIY Paint Making Powders in "Elixir" & "Silver Lining
  • DIY Paint Waxes - "Clear", "Dark", "White" & "Shipwrecked" Verdigris wax
  • DIY Paint Copper Patina "Pennies from Heaven"
  • DIY Paint Liquid Patina "Clear" (or Mod Podge glue that will finish clear)
  • Mica Powders (optional)
  • Super Glue (I used clear Gorilla Glue)
  • Rope (for neck of bottle

For inside bottle:

  • Blue glass beads
  • Various small seashells
  • Sand
  • Tiny battery operated fairy lights
  • Optional - 'small message in a bottle'. 
    • To make:  small scrap paper, DIY Paint Liquid Patina "Dark & Decrepit", script stamp and twine for securing shut.

🐚Wash and clean bottle of any labels/glue etc, and dry inside entirely.

🐚Form moulds with clay and use glue to affix to bottle in whatever design you choose!  (I kept the front of mine clear and somewhat framed so that it would highlight the items on the inside)

🐚Adhere rope around neck of bottle using super glue.  (I used painter's tape to hold it in place)

🐚Allow moulds and glue to dry completely (24 hours at least)

🐚Paint all the moulds to your preference.  I used Monet's Garden as a base on the seaweed and then dry brushed some Salty Kiss on it.   The shells I painted with Tarnished Pearl, with some dry brushing of Sandy Blone.  The starfish and seahorses I painted Sandy Blonde with accenting of Summer Crush & Petticoat Pink.

🐚Allow paint to dry completely.

🐚Use Clear Wax on small sections, and while still moist, apply Dark Wax and wipe excess away with clean cloth.  Work in small sections over the whole bottle.  This will create a distressed look all over moulds.  Allow to dry.

🐚Apply Shipwrecked Verdigris wax all over moulds (again in small sections) - wiping excess away with cloth after each application. 

🐚Use fingers or fan brush to apply tiny sweeps of white wax on high points of seaweed to create highlights and depth.

🐚Use your fingers or fan brush to sweep Copper Patina over seahorses and starfish.

Optional: Apply Shimmery Mica Powder in Pearl color over shells. (Use clear liquid patina or Mod Podge glue to make it adhere.)

🐚Line all around moulds with a little liquid patina/Mod Podge and adhere 'Elixir' Making Powder (Optional: add shimmery blue mica powder).  Then do the same with Making Powder "Silver Lining".

🐚Inside the bottle, fill with shallow layer of blue glass beads, then sand from the beach.  Then create a little scene with shells and 'note' (I used long tweezers and a stick to move things carefully around on the sand inside)

🐚Arrange lights carefully inside as well (it may be easier to do this before the shells go in).

Optional: Glue an extra piece of the rope to inside of bottle and wrap around end of fairy lights to.  You can also paint the switch to match as I did!


🐚To make the tiny message inside bottle:

Cut a small, rectangular piece of paper, tear the edges off to distress.  Use 'Dark & Decrepit'  patina to create aged effect.  Use a script stamp on outside or your own script.   Write a message inside!   Roll up and secure with twine.


Amazon Links: 

Mica Powders set - 

Battery Operated copper string lights





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